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Social Media Marketing for Medium Businesses

94,826 (all inclusive)
Get an integrated social media marketing strategy that takes you to the next level! Social media is now your playground – with 4 platforms, daily custom branded posts, contests, polls, thought-leadership content, Ad campaigns, analytics. Talk to your customers every day and keep them loyal to your brand.

Key Features:

4 Platforms
96 Posts
28 Stories with highlights
4 Blogs/Articles
3 Contests/Polls
4 Ad Campaigns
4 Boosted Posts
Profiles Creation (with SEO)
Custom Planner
Custom Designs
Senior Designers & Writers
Intelligent Scheduling
Advanced Engagement
Replies in Groups
Weekly Review

Need Help?

Social Media Platforms4 Platforms
Choice of PlatformsFacebook + Instagram + Twitter + LinkedIn
Profile Creation & SetupFor 4 platforms with advanced SEO & branding
Strategy and PlanningMonthly
PlannerCustomized Planner
Profile PictureBrand Specific
Cover ImageCustom Design
Number of Creative Posts96 Posts
(6/week per platform)
Stories7 /week with highlights
Designs for posts24 base creatives (4 variants) by Senior Designers (3 free revisions per design)
Content for PostsFor all posts by senior writers (with Hashtags or Keywords)
Audience EngagementReplies to comments and queries on page Creation of Facebook group around allied topic with 2 updates/week to brand Replies to queries on groups on FB or LinkedIN
Boosted PostsAny 8 Posts
(excl. boosting amount)
ResearchBy Senior Social Media Team (Researchers and Analysts) + Real-time trend analysis and content suggestions
Ad Setup1 campaign on each platform (Inclusive of set up, design and
content. Exclusive of AdSpend amount)
content (Blogs,Articles)
(100-300 words, cross-posted across platforms)
Contests/Polls2 per month
AnalyticsMonthly Reports + Campaign Analytics (on-call)
SupportSupport Tickets / Chat / Skype / WhatsApp / Voice call

How it works:

Grow your business to the next level now!

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