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Who We Are

MediaGhar is a full-service creative and media-tech agency based in Bangalore, India. We work with brands in multiple sectors from Travel & Tourism, FinTech, Sports, Entertainment, Food, Apparel, Technology, Healthcare, Education and Social enterprises. Our brand consulting, marketing, advertising and technology enabled solutions help your products and services reach a wider customer base and leave a lasting brand impact.

What we offer

From specialized campaigns for new launches or services to end-to-end brand management, our packages and services make sure that you always hit the right targets.

Our Journey

We’ve come a long way from the production house that ‘Flambit Media’ was in 2010. Expanding rapidly, we moved into the digital agency domain, and the last 10 years have only gone to prove that we are in the market to stay. However, we are constantly evolving and learning to make sure we never get complacent.

The Team

Our designers, production team, account managers, writers, social media warriors and senior management all work together to take your campaign to the market. Our team comprises 21 key members, a pool of regional experts spanning 5 countries, and is constantly on the lookout for more creative minds.



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