The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing Platforms – 2021


Social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach people from different demographics. But before you actually start marketing on social media platforms, it’s good to know some basic information. As part of our BrandLove series for Valentine’s Day 2021, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you choose your social media marketing platforms well.

Why is social media marketing important?

You have many different business marketing strategies, each focusing on bringing in more customers. Then, the best place to hook new customers is where they spend a lot of their free time, are subtly influenced, and talk to peers to understand what works for them. People spend over 2 and a quarter hours a day on social media platforms. This is a fairly substantial chunk of the day when you consider other daily activities. This means that as a business, having a brand presence on social media, interacting with potential customers, and helping them with great customer service are excellent ways to build brand recall and loyalty.

What are the different social media platforms you can market on?

While there are many social media platforms you can use to market your brand, this article focuses on 10 popular platforms that have different audiences and purposes, but show a lot of traction. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, TikTok, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Here’s a great guide to the 10 different social media platforms listed above, their demographics, what content works on these platforms, and a snapshot of what strategies you could use to market your brand on each of them. If you would like us to handle your social media marketing for you professionally and creatively, take a look at our social media marketing plans and see which of them could work best for you. If you would like to understand a little more about how this would work for you, drop us a message on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and we’ll be happy to help!



Average Age
(In years)

Used for

Content that works

Increase engagement & conversions



per month


Entertainment, News, following brands & influencers

Images & videos
Funny, touching, inspiring content

– Groups
– Share useful information

– Advertise


1 billion+

per month


Selling, Entertainment, following brand & influencers, getting inspiration





– Use stories well

– Work on hashtag strategy

– Use influencers


340 million+ per month



Customer service,

Information about brands,

Opinion forming

Informative, funny, influential

– Tweet often

– Be relevant

– Work on hashtag strategy

– Advertise


660 million+

per month


Lead generation, networking, Information sharing

Thought leadership, informative, influential

– Build a comprehensive profile

– Be relevant, don’t spam

– Use LinkedIN video


2 billion+

per month


Music, entertainment, art & craft, sports

Smart ads, explainers, demo videos, testimonials, reviews, thought leadership

– Good SEO practices,

– Create a great YouTube business channel


800 million+

per month


Memes, dance, artists, celeb videos, breakout videos

Ads, Brand Takeovers, Influencer partners, entertaining content

– Good SEO practices, use hashtags well

– Partner with influencers & content creators


300 million+

per month
(mainly from US, India & UK)


Answer questions

Ads, answers based on popular search topics, A2As

– Smart Quora ad strategy

– Good keyword practices


430 million+

per month (Mainly US)


Content sharing based on interests and topics

Original content, helpful and relevant, engage meaningfully

– AMAs

– Subreddits, GIFs & Videos

– Good Karma score

– Good content strategy


229 million+

per day


Sharing videos, photos and text updates that are short-lived

Cross-promote from other channels to build audience, create snapcodes, Use AR lens feature

– Create brand filters

– Try brand takeovers

– Ads


322 million+

per month


Image based posts on different topics

Be inspirational, be helpful, be relevant

– Good SEO strategy

– Good content planning strategy – Engage followers

– Ads

If you want to have a chat about which platform would work best for your business, or have any questions about social media marketing, WhatsApp us! Our team will be happy to help you increase your Brand Love.

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