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We’ve had our finger on the pulse of branding, marketing and advertising for the last decade. We are on top of every change and every trend in Healthcare, eCommerce, Education and Tourism marketing, and use our experience to craft Campaigns That Convert. From contextual advertising to channel-agnostic branding & marketing campaigns, our work is creative, memorable and impactful. We have pioneered many tech-driven solutions that have helped brands across demographics grow rapidly with increased trust, recall and customer loyalty.

Our Campaigns Help You

  1. Build Credibility and Trust with your consumers and partners – present and potential
  2. Simplify Messaging for the public, making you a trusted industry leader
  3. Stay on top of SEO/SEM trends which drive more leads to your business
  4. Engage with customers/consumers and partners to ensure a productive long-term relationship
  5. Increase Brand Value to attract potential investment(s), quality talent and collaborations

Target Segments

Direct to Consumer (D2C / B2C)
Implement proven strategies to effectively communicate with existing and potential customers across locations, professions, income groups and ages. This converts to high quality leads, long-term relations and engagement with the brand.

Collaborations (B2B)
Create meaningful partnerships with other businesses in your niche including potential investors, service providers, aggregators, market places and more.

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What We Can Build For You

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Multi-channel, people-first campaigns hyper-targetted across generations, geographies and demographics.
Branding, marketing and advertising efforts combine to achieve the twin goals of customer acquisition and retention

Design and Communication

Digital, print and OOH branding and design services, coupled with compelling communications across media bring your message to life for consumers. We believe in simple, effective, emotion-based campaigns for lasting connection and recall.

Technology for Marketing

Tech Frameworks to support your campaigns and interfaces for existing systems. From digital solutions, CRM portals and web apps to Smart IoT devices, we build to last. We set up tools, processes and automation workflows to support growth.

Internal Training & Awareness

Effective campaigns need a strong internal team to drive results. We work with your marketing and communication teams to build brand awareness and improve inbound & outbound communication skills for customer interfacing.

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Design & Content

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Media Production

Help your customers experience you across the richest platforms – audio and video to craft a great campaign. What does this include?

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter – there are many social platforms to showcase & advertise your brand today. What should your social media strategy be?

Digital Promotions

With today’s world glued to phones, tabs, laptops and the Internet – a compelling digital presence is a must. But what does this encompass?

Media-Tech Services

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