How to Create Great Videos to Market Your Brand

Create Great Videos to Market Your Brand

Ever since the 1940s when the first commercial aired, the video has been a popular means of grabbing people’s attention. While some things, like the use of humor or emotions, stay constant, others see innovations like 360° videos, interactive videos, and more. So, what are the different types of video content your brand can create? Take a look below, as we give you examples of the different video types and why they stand out.

For Branding

Corporate Videos: Videos that aren’t advertisements, but are intended more for a brand’s messaging, both internal and external. In the video below, the brand highlighted is Shopify. Narrated by users of the app, it talks of challenges new entrepreneurs face, making it easy to relate to for the target audience. While you understand how Shopify simplified things for them, it is easy to put yourself in the place of the narrators, and see how the app could work for you as well.

Educational/Tutorial Videos: These “How-to” videos make it easy to understand how to use a particular product or service of a brand, or help you learn more about a problem they are solving. In Absolut’s video below, you can see how easy they make it for you to create a cocktail at home while using their product – a perfect way to imprint their brand on your mind.

Documentaries: Tell your brand’s story in the most engaging way possible. You can choose how prominently you want your brand to feature and the kind of story you want to tell. When Citrus Pay launched Sellfie – a platform to help entrepreneurs sell easily – they choose to tell their brand’s story through that of the users of their platform, making it engaging and interesting.

For Advertising

Animated Ads: These videos are typically short, carry a strong Call To Action, and use emotions to get the message across. Android, here, combines their tagline, with a strong anti-bullying message to help embed itself in your memory.

Experience Videos: The next step to showing viewers your product is allowing them to experience it for themselves. Watch IKEA talk about their new experience feature through a video that’ll make you want to try it yourself – which is the point!

Product Videos: See the features of a product/service, understand how you can use it, make an informed decision before you try it out – that’s what product videos help you do. HeadSpace – a meditation app – shows you what a great product video can do. It’s simple, to the point, features a calming voice and no background music to give you a taste of the clutter-free experience their app can provide.

Testimonials: This type of video is often the most powerful. People can hear from your customers exactly what their experience has been with your brand. In the video here, Codeacademy shows you how they empower people just like you to create magic and do all the things you’ve wanted to do through coding.

For Engagement

Behind the Scenes (BTS): This video type makes your brand more human to your followers. Take them into your company, show them how you work to meet their expectations, help them understand what goes into creating the product. Here, you can see Domino’s Pizza taking customer’s feedback and turning it into a huge win for the company. Bonus: The visuals will have you craving some cheese, so don’t say you weren’t warned!

Live Videos: These videos are raw, real, and help your audience connect to you. You can choose to make this question and answer, interview, demonstration, or even a product launch based on your goals. Home Depot teamed up with Martha Stewart (always great to have a celeb endorse your brand!) to show people how to make Christmas ornaments at home. The takeaway? It’s educational, fun, and all the products you see are just one trip away – at Home Depot! Check out their Facebook Live video here.

Awareness Videos: Brands stand up for causes they believe in. This helps customers see them as more approachable, less impersonal. Burger King does a clever take on anti-bullying with this great video.

Personalized Videos: If you are on Facebook, chances are that you’ve been wished a happy friendversary by them with a cute personalized video. This makes you feel warm about a brand that puts in so much thought about you. While different banks have different ways of offering you loans, Barclays took it up a notch with their incredible personalized videos.

Thank You Videos: Coca Cola has some of the best advertising videos out there. But when they give back to the community, they do that in style as well. Here, Coke salutes those who work through Christmas to ensure we have a fabulous holiday, in a heart-warming ad.

Now you understand a little more about the kind of videos your brand should have, start building this stage of your content marketing. If you would like us to create some great videos for you, just WhatsApp us, or drop us an email at and we’ll do the rest!

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