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Keep it short & uncluttered

On social media, you have all of 1.07 seconds to grab the viewers attention before they scroll past you. Cleaner designs appeal to the mind more (thus, increasing linger time), while shorter text (with a great, non-click-baity headline) promotes readership and retention.

Keep it contextual

The content on your website vis a vis your Twitter handle is going to be different right?
Or even images used in a Facebook Advert vs. what you post on Instagram.
Make sure your communication is geared towards the platform you are posting on, rather than cross-posting the same content on multiple channels, hoping against hope that you’ll at least hit a few targets.

Keep it consistent

Your goals, your vision, your story – they don’t change all the time right? Then you  need to make sure that how you communicate with your customers stays consistent too. Whether it’s your own content, or something that you want to share – always ask yourself whether it is in line with your communication strategy. The colours you use, the fonts, the placement – keep them consistent to ensure that customers get your message rather than having to hunt for it.

Create focus

Never confuse customers with more than one call to action, or with a badly designed ad. In social media or outdoor ads, designs should direct customers’ eyes towards the CTA in a smooth flow, without being overt. Your content should direct customers to a landing page where they can get more information and make a purchase.

Keep it relevant

Your content and design needs to make the customer feel its relevance both to him as well as to your brand. In paid ads, experiment with your targetting until you attain your best customer base to make sure that you are investing your money, rather than just spending it.

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