How to create the perfect earworm for your brand jingle

How to create a perfect ear worm

Creating an earworm or a melody for your brand jingle can be both terrible and great. It’s awful because you’ll catch yourself humming it all over the place and won’t be able to stop. It’s great since there’ll be people singing about your brand everywhere.
A repetitive melody, catchy lyrics, and some memory cues – is that all it takes? Not quite, as there is some amount of science that goes into crafting a memorable jingle. Here’s what you need to keep in mind

1. Keep it simple:

First, think about the message you want to get across. Make it a phrase that is a little quirky, but simple. Then put it on loop. Do NOT write an elaborate song, or get poetic. Make it something that people will remember.

The other way to go, if you think that simplicity is overdone, is to create something complex but in a way that people can crack. The mind strives to pin down lyrics that seem challenging. So if you want to come up with something like “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, go for it!

2. Repeat. Again. And again.

We dare you to start singing the ABCD song from ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain‘ and not finish it. Go on, try it. Once the brain jumps onto a familiar rhythm or a repetition, it just cannot let it go without completing the phrase.

3. Rhythm

The rhythm you choose is essential to converting a regular brand tune into an earworm brand jingle.

One, use notes next to each other on the musical scale. These closely spaced intervals appeal to your memory and just hop into space in your mind.
Two, go with a simple and familiar shape. Rising and falling music patterns like in nursery rhymes stick with you for longer.
Finally, introduce a quirk. In the midst of the familiar. If you put in an unusual pause, or interval, or a single off note, the brain wants to wrap itself around it.
Additionally, if you are singing along, you will try to remember that pause or note every single time and get it right.

4. Pick the pitch

The main aim of an earworm is to get it burrowing in as many minds as possible. When that is the case, select a pitch that men, women, and kids can sing along with easily. Very low or very high notes are hard to sing, and people might just stop trying.

If you’ve figured out what goes into the making of your earworm brand jingle, but don’t know how to execute it, don’t stress out. Drop us a line on and together, we can create the perfect brand tune for you!

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