5 Tips that Help Agencies be More Productive


You and I both know just how much of a circus the agency world can be every single day. You wake up, check client emails, put out fires, raise urgent requests, dash off a blog, quickly put together creatives for a campaign, try and figure out why that digital ad campaign isn’t converting the way it should – and it’s not lunchtime yet. You take a look at your To-Do list for the day and settle down to another lunch at your desk. What if it could be different – and doing the same 5 things every day make that difference?

1) 1st hour – 1 task

The compulsive need to check your email when you reach your desk can be overwhelming. But then, you dive right into the tasks created from those emails, and your existing task list stays unchanged. Instead, pick one of the biggest tasks of the day, and get it done before you check your email.

2) Split your tasks right

Now you’ve checked your emails, and you have a mix of creative and analytical tasks. Schedule your day in such a way that you can give the best of your mind to both. Get all your analytical tasks done in a block of time where you can give them your full attention. Carve a separate time for creative tasks. This way, you’ll get the best from both sides of your brain.

3) Delegate – to people or tools

Before you start work on something, run through a mental checklist of the reasons that you are the best person in the team to be working on that task. If it is something another person, or a tool, can do, without losing out on quality, hand the task over and focus on the next item.

4) Say ‘NO’ when you have to

Can’t get something done at absurd timelines? Pricing doesn’t work out for a project? Not able to work with a particular client? Say NO – you can do it clearly while being polite. Otherwise, you’ll have a frustrated team on one hand and a steamed client on the other – neither of which are going to boost your productivity.

5) Schedule Downtime

For both your team as well as yourself. Take half an hour every day to talk about anything under the sun that isn’t work. Pick apart your favorite villain, rave about fashion, plan a shopping spree, drool over recipes – it helps give your brain a break from work, and sends you back refreshed.

Do you have any productivity tips you follow that help? We’d love to hear them!

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