How to Transform your Agency into a Green Agency

How to transform your agency into a green agency

1) Eco-friendly alternatives for clients

Green is a great selling point, with which your clients would like to earn brownie points. Why not earn good karma as well, by acting on those eco-friendly alternatives? Go for fliers and pamphlets on recycled materials. Talk to your printers about green printing solutions.

If you or your clients plan giveaways at events or festivals, check out Aalaa, Seedpaper India, or The Giving Tree for some beautiful green gifting solutions.

2) Re-examine your travel schedule

COVID19 has opened our eyes to a world of working remotely. We’ve made pitches on a video call, won accounts, run campaigns, even shot videos from our homes. While this might not be sustainable in the long run, we can at least cut down on non-essential travel.

3) Go Green with your CSR – widen your impact

If your agency has a CSR program, adopt at least one green client a year. There are so many of them in so many fields, from baby diapers to furniture. Work with one of them, because you know you can amplify their voices and deepen their impact!

4) Talk to the future

We’re talking about saving a planet for the future. Why not involve the future? Create a campaign for kids – let environmental science not be another school subject. Bring it to life for them the way you do best – with creativity and flair.

5) Change starts with you

You can lead the change in your organization in several ways. Pick a day every week when your employees choose green means of traveling to work. Try to create a compost pit for wet waste and tie-up with an organization for safe disposal of e-waste. It’s as easy as setting these goals at the beginning of the year and then sticking to it.

This year, we’re pledging to celebrate each of our employees’ birthdays by planting a tree (and taking care of it year-round!).

Let’s stop making World Environment Day only about hashtags. Let’s change how we think and act in our daily lives, and we’ll be living those hashtags!

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